Premiere Valet Service


People are talking and we like what they're saying...
"Your valets were professional, courteous, and expeditious"
 -Silver Star Automotive Group-
"As always, your guys did a wonderful job.  Thank you for your hard work and consistency."
-Harrison & Schriftman - Public Relations-
"Our sincerest appreciation for your wonderful staff, they are number one."
-Rabin Rodgers - Event Producers-

"Thank you for all you did to contribute to the success of the AMGEN event... The engagers were blown away at the level of service and elegant presentations....  Your hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence really made the difference."
-Edward C Moses-Granger - Sherwood Country Club-
"As usual, when it comes to our valet service needs, we are grateful for the working relation ship that we continue to have with you and your company."
-An Original Occasion-
"We thank you for you flexibility, positive attitude and obvious experience.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you."
-Merv Griffin Productions-
"Thank you so much for you contribution to the pre-Grammy event.  I always appreciate the professionalism that your staff displays."
-Best Events-

Premiere Valet Parking Services
The Highest Quality Valet Parking Service In Southern California
Los Angeles County 323-876-5816
Orange County 949-497-8811
Ventura County 818-992-0022